hairbyclare7603 asked: Did anyone else realize that maddies head thing was different in gypsies tramps and thives?
Anonymous asked: Nac- Imagine National Dance Challange is ran by Believe National Dance Competition and the age divisions for these competitions (from the Believe website) are 8 & under, 9-11, 12-14, 15-19 and 20 & over. Ages for the competition are as of January 1st, so Jade would have competed age 14 and Chloe age 12, which would put both if them in the 12-14 age group.
Anonymous asked: Nac-Jade's birthday is April 26, 1999 and Chloe's is May 25, 2001, so it's about a 23 month age gap. Maddie and Mackenzie are about 20 months apart and they competed against each other, so I don't think Chloe competing against Jade was unfair.
Anonymous asked: What were the girls fears in last nights group dance??

Maddie- Being alone

Chloe- Public speaking

Kendall- Crowds

Nia- Needles

Jade- Heights


Anonymous asked: NAC about Jade and Chloe being in the same age category, Jade is only 14 according to the dance moms wikia page and they're usually correct. And I think Chloe had just turned 13.

Thank you! Pretty sure Chloe and Christi said a couple of times that Chloe was 12 at the time of the most recent episode however. I might be wrong though. x

- Steph

Anonymous asked: You can remove admins. If the main blog owner goes on the blog and clicks on members at the side it says "remove member" just so you know when you do figure it out

You can remove members, not admins. Once you promote someone to an admin, there is no going back.