originalaldc asked: To the anon: I spoke to Tayleur Amos on IG and she said it was starting in the fall and she didnt think we were gonna get it to most likely next year, and @dancemumsofficial confirms that its only for uk.
Anonymous asked: How old are the admins?

I’ll be 17 on the 11th! x

- Steph

madison-sia asked: NAC: Have you got any links from the last episode yet? :)

On the side bar as well as posted yesterday. xx

- Steph

Anonymous asked: Did anyone else notice Lucas throw a bottle at chloe when she walked away from their dance off I found that so rude and cheeky!


Anonymous asked: nac- Did anyone else notice Ava at the dance off? she looked like she was crying...


Anonymous asked: NAC: Any idea if Dance Mums (the UK version) will be airing in the US?

No clue. I doubt it.. - Madi

Note : Melissa May be pregnant but we don’t know . She has a bump sorta , but the baby she is holding isn’t hers :) so it’s a possibility. It may also be the way shes standing

Anonymous asked: What promotion or work has Chloe done outside of dance moms ?

Many photo shoots and magazines

Anonymous asked: Is Chloe dancing with both studio 19 and aldc? Is she taking classes on both studios?

As we have said numerous times she is now dancing with studio 19 and is not part of the ALDC besides doing the show. She isn’t allowed to competent till the end of season 6 in the show

Check the next episode preview on lifetime ! :) I dont wanna give it away for a spoiler  - Kyleigh

Anonymous asked: NAC: I know we just saw on the show Abby announcing a LA studio, but has it actually opened yet? Or are they going to make a huge deal of it opening in mid season 5? Thank you

I’m pretty sure it hasn’t opened yet but I bet they will open it in season 5