pinkglamorouslove asked: NAC: I thought it was decided that the confession about everyone being overdramatic about the girls' mental health was kind of offensive which is why it was deleted. Why was it posted again?

Sorry, we have more than one admin, so sometimes confessions are posted twice. Again, we apologize if anyone was offended.


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Anonymous asked: NAC: In response to the question about any of the girls needing eye contacts, there was an Instagram post a few months ago of Brooke wearing glasses while hanging out with her friends at what looked like a sleepover.
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Anonymous asked: To the person who asked about James not seeing Chloe: I have a feeling that Abby ment that James hadn't seen her in class. The girls don't learn their solos in classes, they learn them in privates and rehearsals. Although I could be wrong that's what I understood her as meaning.