Anonymous asked: Where is the last picture of maddie and Abby that you posted on a confession from? I really would love to watch the video😊

It’s from Maddie’s Today Show interview in Australia. I don’t think the video is on youtube because of copyright but if you google it you might find it.  ~Elle 

Anonymous asked: NAC: Did Maddie hit 2 mil on insta or not?

Maddie doesn’t have 2 million yet, but she has 1,950,000+ followers so when you go on her page it rounds to 2m. ~Elle

Anonymous asked: Did Chloe really improve her acro?

I personally think she has, but you can watch her m&g videos on youtube and decide. ~Elle

Anonymous asked: NAC: seeing videos of chloe at her most recent meet&greet, made me sad cause she looked so upset cause of what someone said about her "lazy eye" WHICH SHE DOESNT HAVE, her confidence just blew away and that makes me sad :'(
Anonymous asked: NAC: A ballet body requires many things, if Chloe had a “ballerina's body” she would have completely different hips, legs, feet, torso, head shape etc… I personally think Chloe has a dancers body but not a ballerina’s one.
Anonymous asked: NAC: When the show started: Brooke was 13, Paige was 10, Chloe and Nia were 9, Maddie was 8, and Mackenzie was 6.