Anonymous asked: NAC: that confession about chloe not being good in the new group dance was very rude.

Sorry, which one?

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Anonymous asked: NAC but when did Christi say Maddie, Kendall, and Kalani treated Chloe like crap and were "mean little girls"?

I’m not sure. I think it was in season 4 episode 15. I don’t think Christi really said that. Jill said that she doesn’t think they (Maddie, Kendall, Kalani) are mean little girls and Christi said “They are if they’re making Chloe feel that way” or something like that. After that, Christi said “What the f*ck am I doing here if my daughter is going to be treated like sh*t?”. 

Anonymous asked: I really don't understand this "connection" fans are trying to establish between Maddie and the song Chandelier. What does Maddie, an 11 year old little girl, know about drinking alcohol to mask the pain of depression? Maddie was chosen because Sia is a fan of her's, not necessarily because Maddie understands the material given to her. Melissa has explained before that Maddie doesn't need to understand the topic that she's dancing about.

Every person portrays the song differently. We don’t know for sure if it was about alcoholism or anything like that. A lot of younger people connected with it for other reasons. It’s really hard to portray a character like that and that’s what they mean by the connection between Maddie and the song. 

Anonymous asked: NAC but I just recently found out Maddie was in the music video for Cry. Do you know why it wasn't mentioned in the show? It was a really big achievement for her (back then, at least) and it bothered me that nobody mentioned it.

Maybe it wasn’t shot during filming season and it just never came up. 

Anonymous asked: what did the oouja board dance place as?

2nd overall right after the new team’s group dance.